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Allegro Non Troppo

Posted by Robert Jarzen on Jan 11, 2017 12:01:00 AM

“Not so fast”.

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2015 Entercom Milwaukee WBA Excellence Award Winners

Posted by Robert Jarzen on Jan 10, 2017 11:00:00 PM

Congrats to our clients and our entire creative team for bringing home awards for the following:

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Advertising Atheists

Posted by Robert Jarzen on Jan 10, 2017 11:00:00 PM

There are believers. There are Agnostics. And then, there are the Atheists.

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You've Been Misled... Again!

Posted by Jim Morales on Feb 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Not a week goes by where, working with a client or prospective client, they feel compelled to remind me how “over” radio is and how satellite and the internet are where the action is. I know… where do these people get this stuff from?

Maybe it’s because, where satellite is concerned, they’re inferring that if someone is willing to pay for a service that somehow there’s a correlation to usage and/or affinity. Possibly the same for the internet. I truly don’t know, because every time I look a person like that in the eye and ask “Who told you this stuff?” they NEVER manage to have an answer.

It’s like that for a lot of us. How we got to a belief tends to be secondary compared to our unconscious need to hang on to it for dear life, no matter how true it is… or isn’t. We’re going to see that a lot this political year. It’s going to ruin a lot of friendships.

If you’re running a business or consulting one, here’s the truth. On February 9th, Edison Research did a presentation on their latest findings of how much and why when it comes to audio consumption. The data continues to show that AM/FM radio continues to be the dominant audio source with a 54% “share of ear.” And when it comes to satellite, even the folks who are paying for it spend an average of 39% of their in-the-car time listening to local AM/FM Radio.

Perhaps more telling is the “why”. According to Edison, “In most cases people will tell you they’re listening to be connected… To know that there’s someone there that will break in if something happens.” And there’s the mic drop. The audience understands and accepts that satellite and the internet are generic, and impersonal, and that to feel connected to their community and to what’s going on, their best bet is AM/FM Radio.

So how does that affect you and your business? What kind of platform do you want to talk to your prospective customers from? Something sterile and generic (and with extremely limited local reach) or one that comes with “connection” and a massive local audience already built in? Easy decision.  

It comes down to this… Challenge the new shiny balls. Last week we talked about the unhappy realities of mobile banner ads. We’ve talked about the sheer fraud in both banner and video impression numbers. Don’t even get me started on some companies’ SEO/SEM voodoo. Before spending your money you owe it to yourself to ask “Who says so?” and “How do they know?” If you can’t get an answer you feel good about, it’s probably better to just walk away... and go turn on the radio.

Thanks for sticking around. I appreciate it. Reach out to me in the comment section or at We’ll see you next time for another edition of “A Little Off The Top.”
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