Frequently Asked Questions

Why advertise?

The battle for share of consumers’ minds is more competitive than ever. Advertising insures you will be top of mind when a consumer is in the buying cycle for your product. New customers enter the marketplace every day, and you never know when that is going to be.  Businesses that advertise tend to smooth out the ups and downs of consumer buying habits.

Why radio?

For years Radio has been known as the media used by consumers closest to the largest purchase of the day. That is still true today.  Radio has a proven track record of being the most cost effective way to reach the masses.  Dollar for dollar you get more bang for your buck with radio.  In recent studies radio has been proven to deliver a stronger emotional connection with it’s audience. Radio is considered to deliver advertising messages in an environment that is more relevant to the consumers receiving them.  Radio has also been shown to deliver brand recall as effectively as Television and as much as three times more effectively than Newspaper.

How do I choose the right station?

Step one is to know whom your typical or ideal customer is. Step two is to challenge your radio account executive to demonstrate that their station’s audience matches the demographic and psychographic profile of your customer base.  The radio dial is very much like the magazine rack.  Find the stations that fit the lifestyles of your customers.

How much should I spend?

There is no pat answer to this one.  We begin the process of answering this question by first understanding the value of one new customer to your business. Then we explore your growth objectives. Once we arrive at realistic expectations, we estimate the number of people you will need to reach in order to meet your goals, based on your typical closing ratio.  At Entercom Milwaukee, we work with virtually all size businesses.  Radio is not for every business, but month in and month out thousands of businesses choose radio as their primary means of reaching existing and new customers.

How do I come up with a commercial?

Take a look at our section on Copywriting Tips, or leave it up to us. Entercom Milwaukee will walk you through a comprehensive business assessment exercise. Then we’ll know what differentiates your business from your competition. Armed with this knowledge, we will work with our team of nationally acclaimed copywriters, voice talents, and producers to create a unique and memorable radio advertising campaign, built to your specific objectives.

Does it cost a lot to have a commercial made?

Customized commercials can range from no charge to a few hundred dollars. In most cases we are able to develop world class creative at little or no cost to you.

What's the best schedule for my business?

We have identified nine unique Scheduling Strategies.  Working with your radio account executive, we will determine which strategy best suits your needs.

How do I know it's working?

Establish measurement criteria early in the process.  Typically we will benchmark such things as average floor traffic, closing ration, and weekly new leads.  Once we have a benchmark to measure from we can easily track and make adjustments as needed.  At the end of the day, is the cash register ringing more as a result of the changes you have made to your marketing mix versus last year or last month?

Should I advertise because business is slow?

There are two schools of thought here.  First is to slow your advertising down when business slows.  The logic behind this is that since fewer people are buying you should conserve for when times are stronger.  We believe that when things are slow you should maintain a consistent presence, because people enter and leave the buying cycle every day. You don’t want to miss any opportunities when that happens.  On the other hand, many believe you should advertise consistently in good and bad times. We agree with this position.

Why should I advertise even when my business is doing well?

New consumers are entering markets to purchase new products everyday. When business is good, it is especially important to maintain a strong advertising presence.  Your competition certainly will.  You don’t want to give up any market share because others are ramping up their marketing efforts and you are not.

What should I expect from my Account Executive?

Useful marketing information and advice in a timely manner.  Your radio account executive should be an unpaid resource to your company. They are a conduit to the needs and wants of the audience their station reaches.  Really on their expertise on matters related to tapping into the lifestyle of your consumers.

Why is Entercom different?  Why is that important to me?

In a world of highly diversified conglomerates Entercom stands alone as a specialist in Radio Marketing. We are the last of the PURE PLAY companies among the major broadcast groups.  At Entercom we eat sleep and breathe radio. It’s all we do, because we believe in it’s unique ability to cost-effectively reach the mass consumer market.  On a local level we invest all of our efforts and resources back into the local marketplace.  We give local businesses ACCESS to a vast audience of consumers.

What do they mean when they say the Entercom Network?

We are more than three radio stations.  Sure WMYX, WXSS and WSSP are each powerful market tools.  However when all three or any combination are used along with our vast e-mail databases, street marketing capabilities, interactive web sites and events, you have ACCESS to much more than just radio stations.

Should I combine radio with other media?

Yes, if your budget allows a multimedia approach, radio has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of other media while not increasing overall cost.

What about web advertising?

Seems like you’ve got to be there, but many have found the WWW in ‘World Wide Web’ to actually mean ‘World Wide WASTE’ No question web based advertising works and is essential these days.  Our Radio account executives are trained to guide you through the minefield successfully. A coordinated approach involving radio and web based advertising will give you the results you are looking for.

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