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Advertising Atheists

Posted by Robert Jarzen on Jan 10, 2017 11:00:00 PM
Robert Jarzen

There are believers. There are Agnostics. And then, there are the Atheists.

When it comes to advertising, some people get it. McDonalds gets it. Think they need to advertise every day? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s all about consistency and burning that brand into our collective souls.

Believers know that advertising works, and getting the good word out can be very profitable.

Agnostics know and understand advertising… but they’re not quite sure. They sit on the fence. They try it every so often, then panic and say it doesn’t work or try another medium. Basically wasting their time and money.

But the Adverting atheists are all unto themselves. Those business owners that say they don’t need to advertise. Advertising doesn’t work. Remember when Starbucks first came out back in the 80's? You never saw an ad. Today, they are on billboards, TV and radio.


Because the world fragmented, and competition grew and they lost their mindshare. Coffee shops popped up on every corner that developed their own followers. And so, even the mighty began to advertise.

And on the Seventh day, the ROI kicked in and for a few atheists and agnostics alike, they shed their false idols and become believers.

Top five reasons to be a believer:

1. Getting the Edge:  Whether business is good or slow, you have to get your share of whatever business is around. Cutting back on advertising reduces your visibility.

2. Competitiveness: You compete with every other retailer in town, no matter what they sell. People only have so much money to spend. If they don’t spend it on you, they will spend it with someone else.

3. Awareness: Once you build a business, you can keep it going with a consistent ad program. But if you cut your advertising and lose public awareness, it’s like starting over again to get it back.

4. Pre-sell: Your advertising is part of your sales force. Ads help pre-sell the customer and close the sales faster. That saves you time and saves you money.

5. Build: One out of five people move every year. So there’s a steady flow of customers out and new people into the market. These new people don’t know you. Tell them about yourself.

And on the 7th day, the marketing guru’s said, “Repeat that schedule”. 

And the world fell into advertising bliss, with endorsements and spokespeople, and even political brands vying for the next viral video and share of the market… all in the name of their name.

In today’s world, you can’t sit back and be an advertising atheist if you want people to know about your business or product. You need to stay top of mind and advertise.

So get the good word out: “And radio reached more people on a more consistent basis than any other medium.”

Amen brotha!

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