Mike McGivern | Account Executive

How long in radio/marketing:  10 years in radio

List a few of your jobs:  Director of Sales for Milwaukee Wave/Milwaukee Mustangs and Impact marketing (Sports Marketing Company)

Your very first job:  Bus boy at IHOP

Biggest marketing success(tell the story):  I was with The Wave and was working with a Bank client. She asked me to come up with a way to activate her sponsorship within her bank and their employees. I came up with The Bank One Family Days. (The first of its kind in Milwaukee) 4 Tickets, 4 Hot Dogs and 4 soda’s for 25 bucks. You see this type of thing everywhere now but back then we were the first. The sponsorship continued and grew for a lot of years.

If I could teach advertisers one thing it would be this: Think outside the box, be consistent with your message and build strong relationships with your clients/ partners.

One personal thing you want to share with potential clients:  I grew up in a large Irish family and learned to fight for everything I believe in. I’ve won a few… lost a few.. but I’m still swinging.

Favorite Marketing Book:  Fresh Air: Marketing Guru’s on Radio

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