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Got Digital?

Cost-effective Digital Advertising Programs

With Entercom Milwaukee digital advertising products your business or organization can cost-effectively target audiences that are pre-disposed to buy your products and services.

We help businesses create customized advertising campaigns that produce new customers and reinforce relationships with existing customers. Our digital advertising and communications tools reach beyond the scope of traditional broadcast advertising to attract and activate customers in new, exciting and trackable ways.

Our online advertising products have the ability to:
1)    Enhance your overall brand awareness
2)    Stimulate sales and transactions
3)    Collect and aggregate customer data
Entercom digital advertising products include:
•    Facebook Accelerator
•    Lead Gen
•    Mobile Couponing
•    Text-based Marketing
•    Tile/banner ads
•    Streaming audio ads
•    E-mail newsletter & database marketing
•    Video and viral marketing tools

To find out how you can reach regular listeners and Website visitors of our three dominant Milwaukee brands through powerful and efficient digital advertising contact:

Jim "Mo" Morales
Director of Integrated Sales & Marketing 
Entercom Milwaukee
11800 W. Grange Ave.  Hales Corners, WI 53130

Frequently Asked Questions

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